CAREER AT Newland Canada Inc
At Newland Canada Inc, we have a super open and flat culture. Team efficiency is our number one priority. Any one can openly express their ideas and share their thoughts. Every one of our team members plays more than one role within our job category. Every one of our developers knows at least 5 coding languages, our designers have the ability to create in-game characters from concept art to animation to special effects. Our publishing team members oversees everything from live-ops, to marketing, to product management, to business development. We believe in order to create great games, the game teams have to stay small, and the entire team have to stay close.
The working environment is fun, the communication is open and management is flat. We are able to do this because each and every one of us is highly independent and self sufficient. We take pride in our work and reputation of creating high-quality games.
We don't just work together, a lot of times we stay up late together to wait for Google Play or Apple App Store features. So we spend quite a bit of time at the office. We do this not because it's work, we do it because we believe in our work.
Why? Because our players loves our games.
We are all gamers, and we don't just play turn-based tactical games. Just like how technology has evolved how the world works, gamers are also constantly evolving. In order to create "interesting" games, we constantly explore new game concepts from our brain storming sessions and also by checking out the newest games on the market. But of course, we play games because we like to play games anyways.
If you love to play games, you want to work in the gaming industry, and this sounds like a team that you want to be a part far, feel free to send your resume to [email protected] Canada We are always looking for talent people. We look forward to hear from you!